This website is all about traveling the world. We’ve broken it up into different categories that will help show differences between each place we choose to compare. We are looking at the cultures, sports, geography and attractions as well as experiences for different places around the world. This site is here to provide and explain details about different areas around the world and how they are unique.

Abby will be discussing the attractions and experiences that help create a successful adventure. Attractions more often than not, greatly affect the travelers experience. Depending on what they see, and what they are willing to experience will ultimately decide whether or not they had a good or bad experience. Attractions are important to me because every place has such different definitions of attractions. They are what can bring people from all around the world come for the same reason and give each person a completely different perspective. Everyone can have a different opinion and experience while visiting the same place and that is the most amazing thing in my opinion.

Teresa will be covering the geography in various places of the world, in order to give insight as to what Earth’s different locations have to offer. Geography is defined as the study of physical features on earth as well as its climate, population and natural resources. Just as attractions have an affect on the traveler’s experience, so does geography. The reason why people travel to certain places in the world, revolves around the idea of geography. A tourist is willing to explore different parts of the world because their ultimate goal is to see physical features that they’ve never seen before or never even thought was possible.

Jamie will be discussing the cultural differences that make up our world. I chose to do the cultural differences between the United States and foreign countries. I am going to be discussing language barriers, traditions, whether holidays are celebrated the same way, economic differences, and more. This is a topic that I have a passion for. Traveling to South America I was amazed about what a different world it is. Although in some ways it is the same, cities are busy and rural areas are laid back. The economy in the rural areas is more based one creating items sold to tourists, focusing on rhetoric ideas. What are tourists coming there for and what are their needs. Not only will I be talking about differences in foreign countries but also about places in the United States as well. Every week we will be talking about a different state or country.

Victor will be discussing all things sports from the United States to all around the world. Sports have many different effects on the economy and cultures because sports can be somewhat the same but the way that they are looked at is extremely different. Sports have the opportunity to appeal to every audience based on difference viewpoints and that is what allows it to tie into every perspective of traveling. I enjoy sports because it has the opportunity to bring people together.

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