Iceland is a misnomer from Greenland because they are actually the opposite Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is covered in great vegetation I got caught off guard when you simply type up sports in Greenland so many sports pop up with the most recognized being hand ball and football with others being basketball, golf, volleyball, swimming, and tennis the island is actually real small maybe the size of Hawaii, if you’re not familiar with hand ball go to any YMCA and you could play its with a rubber ball and your hands im not to familiar with the rules and such but I know you hit the ball into the wall and you face someone by scoring the most points I don’t even know the point system. this is extremely popular in the prisons probably because you cant use the ball as a weapon and you only use your hand and not a bat or something. team hand ball is a national sport for Icelanders they are thought to have one of the best teams in the world. I didn’t even know you could have teams for that sport and they are fairly good in womens football being ranked 18th in the fifa world tournaments iceland has been competing in the Olympic Games since 1948 although handball isn’t an Olympic sport they do good in individual sporting events like swimming. one thing that is a trademark for icelanders are the horse riding just horse riding and racing horses as small as the island is they participate in a variety of sports


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