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When I hear the name Greenland I think about fields of vibrant greens but Greenland has a polar climate. The name “Greenland” means Land of People which seems weird to me because even though Greenland is the world’s largest island the population of Greenland is less than 60,000. Transport between cities in Greenland is by air and boat as there are no connecting roads due to the many fjords.

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Species of whale include the beluga whale, blue whale, Greenland whale, fin whale, humpback whale, minke whale, narwhal, pilot whale, sperm whale. Whaling was formerly a major industry in Greenland; by the turn of the 20th century, however, the right whale population was so depleted that the industry was in deep decline. If you are going to live in Greenland you had better have some thick fur or make a coat from an animal that does. July is the only month when the temperature gets above the freezing point. Not the climate for me. I do like the snow and colder weather but definitely need a summer and spring that has warm weather.

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The sun never sets from May 25th to July 25th. Two months of day! Not sure how I would handle that. Of course if I was native to something like that I am sure that I would be used to it. Fishing and fish exporting is a major part of the Greenlandic economy, with shrimp fishing industry being by far the biggest income generator
Although the bulk of its area is covered by ice caps inhospitable to most forms of life, Greenland’ land and waters support a wide variety of plant and animal species. The northeastern part of the country is the world’s largest national park. The flora and fauna of Greenland are strongly susceptible to changes associated with climate change. 310 species of vascular plants were said to be found in Greenland in 1911, including 15 endemic species. Although individual plants can be profuse in favourable situations, relatively few plant species tend to be represented in a given place. Except for in Qinngua Valley, Greenland has no native forests, although 9 stands of conifers had been cultivated by 2007.

In northern Greenland, the ground is covered with a carpet of mosses and low-lying shrubs such as dwarf willows and crowberries. Common flowering plants in the north include bog rosemary, yellow poppy, Pedicularis, and Pyrola.[2] Plant life in southern Greenland is more abundant, and certain plants, such as the dwarf birch and willow, may grow several feet high.
So what are the cultural differences between Greenland and the United States? It is cold in Greenland, everyday. The sun doesn’t set there for two months. There are no direct roads to any of the cities. Your means of transportation is by dog sled, boat, or plane. Although Greenland is not on my bucketlist of places to go it looks as though it is a beautiful place, underneath all the ice and snow. My next place that I plan on talking about is Iceland. Hopefully that name is misleading as well.


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