not much changes in the world of sports, no pun intended. Madagascar is an island off the southeast side of africa it is actually the 4th largest island in the world following japan australia and the ricos its main sport you could probably guess is football (soccer) along with other subsports Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, track and field, and boxing. off the top of the head i cant think of a great boxer that comes from madagascar but some great runners come from there and represent there country in the olympic games one main reason soccer is so popular throughout the world is because it is the cheapest sport you can participate in endless you run which cost nothing. because i dont want to ramble on about what you already know about soccer and its popularity in the world there are some activities you could do in madagascar that could be physically exghausting and challenging just like sports. for example if you travel there think about participating in rafting in some well known rivers. you could alsp catch up in some fishing or scuba diving. alot of the “leisure activities” you could participate in are involving water because once again its an island and it is very tropical after all those activities you could join some friends and go quadbiking on the beautiful white beaches.


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