Marvelous Madagascar

madagascar island

How can you not think about the cartoon “Madagascar” when you hear the name. With all my posts I enjoy writing about some of the amazing fun facts about each country. I find it interesting that with so many countries, the amount of differences that they each have. Many have the same cultures but different traditions. So, here are some fun facts about Madagascar that I would love to share with you.
panther Chameleon

With nearly half of the land covered with forests you can imagine the multitude of animal life that inhabits this country. It is home to almost half of the world Chameleons, almost 60 species can only be found in Madagascar. They have the most unique types of eyes that operate independently from each other. The upper eyelid and lower ones are connected with a pinhole. Because of their distinctive functioning of eyes, chameleons can visualize two different things or objects at the same time. That must take a lot of concentration. Chameleons are able to see things even in Ultraviolet light.
One fun fact that I was unaware of is that the number one purpose of changing color is for social communication. The number two reason is for camouflage against predators. They vary in color changing ability depending on species. The Panther Chameleons color can be as varied as pink, blue, green, red, red-orange, aqua blue and green, white, turquoise and navy blue.


One of my favorite fragrances is Vanilla. The scent is so warm and comfortable to me. I was amazed to find out that Madagascar is the largest producer and exporter of vanilla. I always wondered where it mainly came from. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice and is the fruit from an orchid.


Now for some of the cultural differences between Madagascar and the United States.
Well if you want to live a longer life, as most of us do, Madagascar is not the place for you. The life expectancy is 65 years old compared to the average of a little over 79 in the United States. You are also going to make 98% less money but you will play less in health care. You are less likely to be murdered or thrown in jail. That is always a good thing.
Madagascar became a French colony in 1896 but regained independence in 1960.French and Malagasy are the official languages spoken in Madagascar but don’t worry if you don’t speak either one, they also speak English.
They do have lemurs in Madagascar but they do not speak and they do not help lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, and penguins get back to New York with a plane and a giant slingshot. The people of Madagascar are a hard working people with so much natural resources they are always busy.
Madagascar will definitely be on my list of places to visit. Between its beautiful forests its gorgeous coastlines and amazing animals this would be a very relaxing vacation indeed. I encourage everyone to put this on your bucket list of places to visit.


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