Africa is one of the most diverse continants when it comes to religion language and culture but it cannot really be said about sports I’m going to talk about Eritrea the reason I’m choosing this small country just north west of Ethiopia is becaouse one of my friends is from there one thing he told abot life there is one big culturaly bounding activity to do is play soccer or have wrestling matches. like most the world its soccer once again one reason soccer is a huge hit in all countries is because its so cheap and easily accesable also you can play with 2 people or 22 people for a real game unlike football in the U.S. where it would be hard to play with only two people. another huge sport in Eritrea is wrestling also because you literally need nothing but two bodies fighting eachother. often times they hold these matches for mere entertainment but other times it can lead to rankings and respect among the elders. Eritrea or parts of it are still somewhat primitive they definitely aren’t urbanized when they have these matches a whole village comes together and unlike collegent wrestling or freestyle wrestling you would see in the Olympics and schools its more of a greeko roman style were the athletes are really only aloud to use there upper body and the first one to fall is the loser with no time limits and no written rules they would participate willingly.


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