Enchanting Egypt


Eypt is an enchanting place full of history and so many mysteries that it is a must to experience all that it has to offer. One of the most well known attractions is the Great Sphinx of Giza. This sphinx is made purely of limestone and is most known for its crouching state. It is 66 feet tall and symbolizes strength and wisdom. This enormous piece of architecture has been buried several times due to the extreme weather. It was ordered to be built by King Khafre. Many people wonder about the nose, or lack of a nose on the great sphinx. Its nose was broken off by Napoleon’s men during target practice.

Another great piece of architecture is The Hanging Church. This church dates back to third century AD. It is one of the oldest churches in Egypt and was originally known as Saint Mary’s Orthodox Church, It is well known for its coptic architecture. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. The foundation was made out of logs from palm trees. There are 3 sanctuaries on the eastern side of the church. Each sanctuary is dedicated to someone. One is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, another is dedicated to St. George, and the last one is dedicated to John the Baptist. This beautiful church was once used for elections and religious ceremonies.

Another must see, is a sight of nature. It is the Valley of the Kings. It is home to tombs of the Pharaohs that ruled between 1550 and 1070 BC. This massive valley was formed by a large amount of rainfall. It is located in West Bank, Luxor. This valley is divided into two valleys, the East Valley and the West Valley. These two valleys are separated by steep hills. There are 63 tombs that are known to be there and 26 of which are carved specifically for kings and their royal family members. Tombs often had food, wine ad beer in them as well as any material goods that the king or ruler might need in their next life.

Although Egypt is well known for its desert plains, it has so much history that you will be overwhelmed if you tried to view everything in just one trip.


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