Unique New Zealand

new zealand mountains

Here are a few fun facts about New Zealand. If you hate snakes, this is the place for you.The lack of snakes and venomous insects makes New Zealand’s wilderness areas a safe environment in which to walk and explore.

Wild goats, deer, rats, stoats, weasels and the Australian possum were introduced to New Zealand. These animals were harmless in their original habitats, but have become noxious pests in New Zealand. They destroy native trees and other plants by eating new shoots and leaves, compete with native birds for food, and in the case of the kiwi, kill 95% of kiwi chicks before they are six months old. They also eat the eggs and young of other native birds. Possums are the worst – their population is estimated to be about 70 million despite intensive eradication programmes and the presence of their formidable foe, the car.

If you are planning to move to New Zealand, because who wouldn’t, you had better plan on swearing an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. Because Queen Elizabeth II is officially Queen of New Zealand, represented in the country by a Governor General.

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