Canada oh Canada,  the somewhat rural country of Canada apart of north America is very sports savvy. among the united states the are big fans of football and the N.F.L but Canada is well known and very proud of there sport which is hockey. in fact if you do a simple google search of sports in Canada it will be endless pictures and previous searches of non other than hockey. another popular sport among Canada is lacrosse which is somewhat similar to hockey they both include scoring in a net with a goal keeper using a stick sometimes called brine or fiddle stick. with similar gear like helmets and padding as they are both contact sports. it takes a certain skill to play hockey because they do it on ice with skates hockey is also a technical dangerous sport half of the players have missing teeth and almost all of them have broken bones playing. danger is maybe why most Canadians choose to watch the thrill seeking sport

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  1. Current News 121 says:

    I was reading about Canada today they recently voted in their new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is part of the Liberal Party in Canada. CNN is saying that having a Liberal Party in Canada is going to be bad for our congress and government here in the USA. I don’t like politics at all, and I could careless what they all think. What I am hoping for is that they get their heads out of their butts and do something for us, the American people that pay taxes and have to live with what they believe is right not what we want or need.
    In your post I was a little lost trying to follow what you were saying, because there were periods (.) in the middle of the sentences also no capital letters indicating the beginning of a sentence. I am not the best writer at all and have made plenty of mistakes, although I learned simple grammar, punctuation, and formatting in K-12. I am willing to help you out if you need help on your posts as in proof reading before you post it. In D2L you can find me in the email area in class list, my email name is Lamarr Kreimeyer but I go by my middle name Bradley. If you write the post in a Word document before posting it, most of the punctuation and grammar will be corrected. Then attach it to the email in D2L to me, and I will read it and give you input and what to fix before you post it online. I am just offering some help if you need it. Let me know and if not no problem.


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