Captivating Canada

niagra fallsCanada is a country that is known for so many different things. The weather, the people, the attractions and the terrain. Their attractions are one of the most mind blowing parts of this cultured country. One of the most famous attractions is Niagra Falls. Niagra Falls is 167 feet tall and has three waterfall drops. The flow rate of 750,000 gallons of water is 84,756 cubed feet per second. The park of Niagra Falls is 400 acres and located on both the United States and Canadian border. It is one of America’s oldest state parks. Not only are the falls breathtaking and a must to experience, but they also have millions of hiking trails, and 180 degree multi-screen theater and even a rock climbing wall!

Another beautiful experience is visiting the Banff National Park. This park is Canada’s oldest national park. It was established in 1885. It is located in Alberta, Canada. This terrain filled park is 6,641 kilometers squared of mountains. But mountains aren’t the only unbelievable views of this park. Lake Louise is wonderful to see the emerald colored water, flower filled valleys are located in Sunshine Meadows and at Icefields Parkway, there is a great drive underneath towering peaks. There are a number of activities that can be experienced here to help make it a once in a lifetime experience. There is white water rafting, skiing, fishing and even bird watching. There are activities for each season throughout the year!

One of the sights to be seen is the Olympic Stadium. It is located in Montreal, Canada. this Stadium was built by architect Roger Taillibert. It opened in 1976 and is 541 feet fall. The observing area can hold 66,308 people and has 6 underground parking lots. Talk about a wondrous piece of architecture! The summer Olympics of 1976 was held here.

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