Fun,Loving Hawaii

there is so much to the wonderful state of Hawaii although there are the average and typical sports like football, basketball, volleyball and surfing Hawaii does not have any major franchise of sport. it does however house the NFL pro-bowl where the best of the best in the National Football League go to play what is more like a pick up game in the beautiful state. The closest to pro hawain sports get is college, the college sports are like there pro sports they look up to college athletes as we would do here to LeBron James or Tom Brady. Hawaii also holds two of the top endurance events in the nation the World Ironman triatholon championship were the athletes are pushed past there limits in three events swimming running and biking across the island sports aren’t a huge deal as they could be in other regions of the world Hawaii is all about culture and family fun the NFL is trying hard to persuade Hawaii into making a professional team with also London.

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