Hau’oli Hawaii

hawaiiHau’oli, translated into happy, is the perfect word to describe the feeling after a vacation to Hawaii. Surrounded by oceans, with native experiences, there’s so much to do on each and every island, that to do it all, there will need to be multiple trips taken. Lanikai Beach is located in Lanikai, Oahu. Lanikai means “heavenly sea” and it’s no surprise why! With a beach only a half a mile long, there is so much activity going on here! Sailing, kayaking and windsurfing are just a few ways that will get you closer to marine life. With near shore reefs full of sea turtles, be sure to keep an eye out and maybe you can swim with some! One of the most popular adventures to take at this beach is a kayaking right to Mokulua Island to see a breathtaking seabird sanctuary.

Another must visit place is Hanauma Bay, also located in Oahu. With this bay being over 35,000 years old, it is full of history. The bay itself is the floor of a volcanic crater which had expanded, millions of years ago. With the volcanic reefs, there are so many opportunities to snorkel and get up close to so many fish! Some of the fish you can see are parrot fish, butterfly fish, and Moorish idols. Although known for it’s snorkeling and marine life, Hanauma Bay is also great for hiking. With the multitude of trails, you can get a view of every angle of the bay. During the winter, because of the strong currents, hiking is especially popular due to the ability to spot humpback whales more easily and vividly!

One of the more accessible and gorgeous sights to see is Wailua Falls, Kauai. With a 173 foot waterfall, it’s no wonder why cliff jumping is one of the most popular day time activities to do here. The waterfall flows into Wailua River and makes a wonderful and unbelievable place to go waterskiing and hiking at. If you’re looking to be more relaxed and laid back, there is a pool at the bottom of the waterfall that is so majestic to either swim or wade in. With large rocks surrounding the pool, it’s the perfect place to have a picnic as well! Being located in a micro-climate area, Wailua Falls tends to get thousands of inches of rainfall per year. So if you’re planning on staying a day here, be sure to look at the forecast!


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