Russia Revealed


Russia is a crazy nation and can only be defined by the city’s located inside. With all of the culture and history, it’s obvious why there are many different descriptions of how someone’s experience was. Three of the most well known places are Pattaya, Palawan, and Bangkok. Pattaya, Thailand is mostly known for their infamous nightlife. It’s not only one of the most popular places for locals, but also for tourists. Tourists flock here each year to visit their amazing scuba and snorkeling sites a long with doing a good amount of shopping with many options due to the vast amount of malls. Pattaya is 8.75 squared miles and is home to roughly 107,406 people. It is a town located on the eastern gulf coast and only has one airport!

Palawan, Philippines is the largest province in the country being 5,656 squared miles and home to 771,667 people. Palawan is a very well known tourist destination as it is known for it’s rocky coves, white sandy beaches, and forests. It’s also a sanctuary for a wide array of dolphins. No wonder people never want to leave! This province dates back over 20,000 years. They have even discovered remains of a cave dweller, also known as Tabon man.

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most well known cities in the world and that is no surprise with all of it’s diversity on every block! Home to 8.28 million people and being 605.69 squared miles, it’s also the capital of Thailand. It’s traditional name is known in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest name for a place in the world. Not only is it breaking records for it’s name, it is also the worlds hottest city temperature wise. It’s definitely a city to explore. With all of it’s statistics and awesome business ventures, there’s also so many fun facts! There are not two bathrooms, but three! One for men, one for women, and one for transgenders. It’s definitely a mind-blowing experience in this city!


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