Russian Realm


Russia-SiberiaThe country of Russia is massive, and when I say massive I mean it. Russia is the largest country in the world and covers 17,098,242 square miles and it even has eleven time zones. Overall, Russia is about 1.8 times the size of the United States. Russia is located in the northern portion of Asia and borders the continent of Europe, the Arctic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. Russia also borders several other countries, some of these include: Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Poland and Ukraine.
The terrain of Russia varies, considering how gigantic the country itself is. The west part of Russia is different from the east part of Russia. There are both mountains and uplands located along the south of Russia, and there are even mountains located in west Russia. This mountain range is called the Ural Mountains and they travel north to south just east of the city of Moscow. To the west of the Urals are low hills and broad plains. Siberia which is situated in the central and eastern part of Russia is both a taiga and tundra climate. Taiga is a snow-covered forest on coniferous trees and tundra is a flat treeless region that is permanently frozen over.
I’m sure a wide majority of people think that Russia’s climate is nothing but cold almost all the time, and that’s pretty much true. Like I said, the majority of Russia both taiga and tundra climate so Russia has to be freezing all the time. In Siberia the temperature is frigid throughout pretty much the whole year. West of the Urals in European Russia, it can be pretty humid. In the summer, the temperature can vary from cool to warm and everything in between along the Arctic coastline.
I’m sure you can imagine how many natural resources Russia provides for their country because of how big the actual country is! Russia has a wide variety of natural resources; some of these are coal, oil, natural gas, timber, minerals and even some rare earth elements. However, because most of Siberia is permanently frozen over, Russian’s aren’t able to drill into the ground to obtain these resources.
As of July 2014 Russia’s population was approximately 142,470,272 and the population growth rate is 0.03%. Almost all the people in this country live in the urban part of Russia as oppose to the rural parts. People live west of the Ural Mountains in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. The urban population makes up 73.8% of the total population and the rate of urbanization is 0.13%. The population of the Moscow capital is about 10.523 million people, while the population in St. Petersburg is 4.575 million people.
I can imagine not a whole lot of people would like to travel to Russia because a majority of the country is cold, but the country is so big that people should still want to visit it. Siberia may not be the place to visit, but I’m sure geography and terrain from the Ural Mountains west is a beautiful place to travel in Russia.

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