Unbelievable Ireland

ireland forestsWhen my mom was seventeen years old she took a trip and traveled to a few countries in Europe, these include: France, Ireland and England. She always tells me how great Paris food was and how absolutely stunningly beautiful each country was. I think of three countries my mom visited, her favorite was probably Ireland. “I’ve never seen a place so green and magnificent. Ireland’s climate is so wet and gloomy which I loved when I visited,” my mom recalls. Not only that, but my dad’s ancestors come from Ireland so I figure learning about Ireland’s geography will be both interesting to me and to you guys as well.
The Atlantic Ocean is located west of Ireland, and east of Ireland is the United Kingdom which makes up Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Yes, Northern Ireland. (Weird, I know). The Irish Sea also borders Ireland to the east and The Celtic Sea to the southeast. Overall, Ireland is located in Western Europe.
Ireland is just slightly larger than the state of West Virginia covering about 70,273 square miles, so it’s a pretty tiny country. Ireland’s terrain is mostly flat along the plains in the interior or the country where you’ll find lakes, forests, mountains and wetlands. There is even pretty tall sea coasts located along the west coast of Ireland that also includes some semi-tropical bays and a few sandy beaches. Ireland also has various rivers, but the most popular rivers are River Shannon and River Liffey. Liffey flows through the city of Dublin traveling from the Wicklow Mountains to the Irish Sea. River Shannon is the longest river (approximately 224 miles long) and is viewed as the most magnificent out of all of Ireland’s rivers. The average weather (climate) in Ireland is temperate. The summers are cool and not too hot and the winters are less cold than expected. Ireland is constantly humid and it’s usually always cloudy and rainy. Ireland’s land is about 66.1% agricultural, 10.9% forest and 23% lakes, wetlands, bays etc. Some natural resources that can be obtained from Ireland are natural gas, copper, lead, zinc, silver, gypsum and limestone.
As of July 2015 Ireland’s population is 4,892,305 people with a population growth rate at 1.25%.
If you’re the type of person that’s into nature and greenery, I definitely think that Ireland is the place to visit! This country is filled with forests, mountains, gorgeous coastlines and even sandy beaches. Being the small size of West Virginia, Ireland has a lot to offer geography wise. I do recommend that if you take a trip to Ireland that you bring an umbrella! seven-wonders-of-ireland_ss_001





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