Passion for Peru

Peru eng121
I love Peru and its diverse culture. I got the chance to visit a few years ago and fell in love with the people and ways of life in the Amazon jungle.
It seems to be a completely different world there. The cities are alive and moving. The streets are so busy, like nothing I have seen before.
Motorcycles and motorcycle taxis are all over the streets. There are two sides of the street but it seems like there are no rules on each side.
The food in Iquitos where I visited was very different. It was good, just different!

It was nice to be able to get a hamburger.
The markets are quite different. When I think of a market I think about a farmers market where you can get the freshest of vegetables from local farmers. In Iquitos Peru they have the Belen Market. If they had a market like it here in The United States, it would be closed down.



The economy is very poor in the areas that I visited. I couldn’t walk down the street without the people trying to sell me something. The people make some amazing things to sell. I was able to go into some of the villages and go to some little shacks where carpenters made all sorts of different things.



The Amazon river is a highway in itself. There are so many villages that are only accessible by boat. Logging is a big business in the Amazon and there are huge boats that are loaded with lumber getting shipped out.
The jungle is breathtaking with so many different species of bugs, animals, and plants. The jungle at night comes alive. It is very noisy. Big cities here in the States are noisy with sounds of traffic and sirens. It seems like these are normal sounds to us when you would live here. It was very hard to sleep for me when I was in the jungle.
All in all, Peru was Beautiful.




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