Welcome to Chile!

Chile is the uniquely shaped strip of land that runs along the Pacific Ocean southeast of South America. Not only does Chile border the Pacific Ocean, but the country also happens to border the countries of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. As small and thin as Chile may appear to be, there are many amazing physical attractions that make the country an amazing place to visit.
When people think of geography of Chile, the thing that pops out most in their minds are the Andes Mountains. This mountain range contains more than fifty active volcanoes and happens to be located along the west of this country. As one travels father north in Chile, the land becomes extremely dry and the land rises. This area is where a plateau called the Atacama Desert is located. South of Chile is where the Chilean Patagonia can be found. The Patagonia is where exotic as well as beautiful glaciers and mountains are, in a Protected Wilderness Area where someone is able to participate in diverse activities. Located on the southernmost point of Chile lies a treeless and steep hill that rises almost 1,400 ft. above the water. Also located in the south is the Chilean Lake District, which is a zone, made up of the various lakes that Chile has to offer which are located on the Andean foothills. Well known and well visited areas of Chile are The Juan Fernandez Islands and Easter Island (considered national parks). The Juan Fernandez Islands are located 670 km off the coast of Chile, while Easter Island is 3,700 km off the western coast. In the center of Chile lies a long river valley where 500 miles of fertile land is home to the country’s farms, vineyards, lakes and lakes. These countless amounts of vineyards are farms are able to provide the country with resources such as numerous crops that provide food for all the people.
The climate in Chile is very interesting, interesting as in the fact that Chile experiences different kind of climates. One would think that being a thin strip of land that Chile may only experiences a certain type of climate. Considering there’s a desert located in the north, the north is very dry and pretty hot. The south is the total opposite of the north, however. The south is cooler, but not too cool and it’s generally damp because often rainfall takes place. In the middle of the country the temperature is Mediterranean like so it tends to be perfect, not too cold and not too hot. Overall, the climate along the western region is mild.
The population of Chile is 17,508,260 people with the population growing at approximately 0.82%. There are about 14 babies born within a population of 1,000 and about 6 people die within a population of 1,000.
Chile is definitely a place that people should travel because not only is someone able to experience all different kinds of geography and climates, but they’re also even able to attend national parks and even participate in activities in the Chilean Patagonia as well. Chile has more to offer than most people thought possible.featured_teach_in_chile_31






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