The Best From Brazil

Brazil is an outstanding country with a very exotic and unique culture. but one thing stands out when thinking about brazil and that is soccer! much like the rest of south America and majority of the world, soccer is a huge part of everyday life. brazil actually hosted the FIFA world cup of soccer which is undoubtedly the biggest tournament in soccer a.k.a. football and they where also one of the favorites for winning the whole tournament before getting destroyed in a 7-1 upsetting lose against Germany who actually took the whole tournament. brazil is also hosting some other huge events in the years to come. the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games will be held here this is when the best of the best from every country go and compete in a variety of sports from fencing, to wresting, swimming basketball, and gymnastics to state a few and this goes for weeks at a time. In the world of sports this is wear almost every athlete strives to be. another popular sport in brazil is volleyball both male and female which I’m a huge fan of mainly because I participate in several leagues myself. volleyball is a fun sport for anyone of any age I played with a man that had to be 80+ and the next day a 9 year old who  formed her first team it is always a fun experience competitive or not.

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