Breathtaking Belize


Belize was once known as the British Honduras and is located in Central America. It is a gorgeous and extremely tropical nation and is full of adventures awaiting a visitor’s arrival.

One of a large amount attractions is the Belize Zoo. This zoo, full of wonders, is 29 acres and is home to 45 species with over 150 animals. One of the animals you will get to meet is a black jaguar named “Lucky Boy” who is widely popular because he was found in extremely fragile condition. Each animal in this zoo has a story behind it, they’re just waiting for visitors to learn more about them.

Another stunning attraction is the Belize Barrier Reef. It is 300 meters along the shoreline and is home to hundreds of coral reefs. It is the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and has an amazing diversity of sea life.

One of the most amazing well known islands of Belize is the Ambergris Caye. It is the largest island in Belize and is full of white, sandy beaches. There are so many adventures awaiting this island, such as zip lining through their tropical rain forests, tubing through Mayan caves and hiking the gorgeous trails to breathtaking waterfalls.

The most marvelous sinkhole is the Great Blue Hole. It is considered a diver’s paradise. This sinkhole is located right by Lighthouse Reef and is 124 meters deep and 300 meters across. It was originally a limestone cave and home to some amazing exotic underwater life. It’s home to multiple species of sharks, such as reef sharks, bull sharks, and nurse sharks. Not only can fascinating predators of the ocean be found there, but there is also one of the most well known homes to all sorts of exotic fish.

Belize is so full of adventures and mysteries that can only have their full effect by visiting this stunning nation. Pictures and words cannot explain all the exciting new memories that can be made in this diverse and striking nation.

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