New York New York

if you’re from the U.S you know new York, in fact New York is known world wide for plenty of things, among  those specific things is sports. new York is a very populated city with plenty of diversity. the city needs variety as a result almost each professional sport there has two teams for example the National football league (NFL) New York houses the New York Jets, new York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is a neighborhood in the big city. With this many teams you could choose what specific team to follow. The great things about sports is the entertainment and the friendly competition, for example you don’t have to just sit and watch the games which in some cases could be a little boring but if you really keep up with them maybe think about starting a fantasy football team where you check stats on certain players of your choice for a chance to win money. football is not the only sport in new York with three teams the national hockey league also holds three teams. New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and finally the New York Islanders. New York is such an amazing city and although I have not traveled there it is a bucket list idea.

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