Beyond New York City

When someone says, “New York” the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is New York City itself. But what lies beyond the many skyscrapers of this state? Well, you’d be surprised at what the rest of the state has to offer geography wise.

New York is located on the coast of the northeastern United States. This state borders not only other states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, but it is even surrounded by The Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and even the country of Canada.

Now let’s take a look at New York’s diverse geography. New York is filled with forests, farms, rivers, lakes and mountains. As you may already know, the state has five boroughs which pretty much make up the city. These include: Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. New York has a variety of mountain ranges including The Adirondacks, Catskills, Taconic’s and the famous Appalachians. The Adirondacks consist of many mountains and are located in northeastern New York. The Catskills are located west of the Hudson River. The Taconic’s are located on the New York eastern border and actually run into three boroughs of New York City itself. Not only that, but this mountain range has a popular peak which also happens to be the highest peak of these mountains called Mount Equinox. The Appalachian Mountains are more like hills which finally sink down to the lowlands. Believe it or not, New York has over 7,600 ponds, lakes and reservoirs. There are about ten lakes which are ten square miles or more such as the famous Lake Champlain. Other well-known lakes include Greenwood Lake, Lake Tear of the Clouds, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and the Finger Lakes. Many rivers also make up this state. Well known rivers of the state include The Niagara River and The Hudson River. The Niagara River flows from Erie and Ontario to create Niagara Falls (Very popular attraction). The Hudson River flows down from Lake Tear of the Clouds on the eastern side of the state and into either Lake George of Champlain.

What about New York’s climate? New York experiences all four seasons and for the most part, they’re all different from each other. The summers are hot and steamy, winters are usually very cold/snowy and last a long time and the trees change to beautiful fall colors in the autumn. Spring, however, can be either pretty warm or ice cold.

The population of the entire state or New York is 19,378,102 people, while the actual city of New York is 8,491,079 people.

New York is definitely a place to travel if you ever get the chance, not only are you able to see the urban area of the city that never sleeps, but you’re able to experience the beauty outside of the city at any time of the year.

Finger Lakes, New York


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