Wonders of New York

New YorkNew York is home to so many cultures that have come together to make a unique culture of its own. New York brings in hundreds of thousands of people a year as well as is home to a completely different culture than anyone could ever experience. New York has so many attractions that can change a persons life in the most simplest of ways. Some of the attractions are the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Ellis Island, and Central Park. The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall and is quite a treacherous climb for anyone to accomplish, but that doesn’t stop visitors from making it to the top and taking gorgeous pictures of the scenic view it provides. Times Square is the head of all commercial advertising in New York. With the number of televisions and billboards glaring with advertisements and news it’s no wonder that people gather to experience it with all of it’s glory no matter how crowded it may be. This may be the one spot where if you look carefully, you can see every type of culture emerge in front of your eyes. Ellis Island is located on a small island right outside of New York as well as New Jersey. The island is easily accessible by a ferry, which happens to be exactly how the immigrants got to New York, once their citizenship papers were approved. This island was a passing through point for many immigrants who were trying to become American citizens. They had a building where they would get a simple physical and if everything was alright, they were approved. If the immigrants were sick, they would go to a different room and be looked at more intensely. The process was long and grueling although it more often than not resulted in permanent citizenship in the United States. Central Park is one of the most known parks in New York. Not only does it attract tourists, but it is also one of the favorite running spots, picnic areas, and family fun day locations for the locals. It is 843 acres and has many attractions of it’s own which makes it its own unique type of park. Inside the park there are strawberry fields, a skating rink, and a conservatory garden. Not only are these attractions some must sees, but the small neighborhood restaurants and boutiques are some of the most amazing experiences that you can have there. It gives you a sense of the local culture and how people are on a day to day basis whether during the rush of their work day or their relaxing time when they are doing everything but worrying about the hectic times a new day will bring. It’s so exciting to see how the people in this state work, and it should definitely be on the top of your bucket list of places to visit.

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One thought on “Wonders of New York

  1. Current News 121 says:

    Hey Abby, I love New York and all the culture in one big city. It is amazing how in one part of Manhattan there are Asian restaurants and the buildings are very fitting for that culture. Then walk a few blocks and you’re in a little Italy with fresh baked goods on pretty much every corner. It is such a diverse place, and it is crazy how many people commute to Manhattan to work or play. The subways are a great way to ride to work, and not have to be caught in any highway or rush hour traffic. The last time I was out there we rode the subway all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. The time before we drove, and wow I thought Denver was big and the traffic sucked. Nope in New York the majority of cars are taxi, town cars, and public transportation like buses. I fit right in with the crazy drivers out there, because I go, and get to where I am headed with no messing around. Almost all of the taxi’s have bumper guards on the front and back bumpers, and they will cut you off, and bump you in traffic.
    Thank you for your views on New York City.


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